Why they called it Forest Ave: (1905)

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Why they called it Forest Ave: (1905)

During the Timber-Culture Act period of 1871, migration to the “Golden West” was encouraged and families who arrived were allowed to stake out a 160-acre homestead claim so long as they planted the “Ten acres of trees” required by Congress on the claim within the first two years.( in Laguna’s case a lotta Australian Eucalyptus) Worthless for timber, it did however fill the check mark in the box and you were deeded the land (some of the earliest ones were even sighed by the President!) The groves planted in the 1880’s helped form the character of Laguna and added much-needed shade, although as lumber they were virtually useless. The groves grew so prodigiously that in the 1910’s, trees had to be cut down by the dozen to carve out space for the growing community. Many of the trees you still see in Laguna today, are descendents of those originally planted trees

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