What did the Laguna Foreclosed Beachfront go for?

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What did the Laguna Foreclosed Beachfront go for?

Foreclosed Beach Front Property

Boy, things surely got steamed up last week with the Laguna foreclosed beach front property offer for $2 million. The video was seen by over 150 people and I got lots of calls of interest.

While the listing agent won’t give me the exact amount since it’s in escrow, he did tell me it was $3+ million, which is an awesome price.

A lessoned learned though is that most of the people who were interested did not have the loan approval letter that was required on the offer submission. Great opportunities happen fast and you need to have your powder dry and loaded, so get those pre-approvals.

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I thought you’d get a kick out of this – Attached is a 1977 purchase agreement – 1 PAGE – that’s it. I especially like Paragraph #16 wherein it states that should the buyer default; the buyer’s deposit is given half to the agent and half to the seller

Click Here to View the 1977 Agreement

Interesting Quote – I get asked all the time ‘when is the real estate market going to turn around?’ and thought this quote from John Burns, a real estate consultant to builders, is as good as any. “With the general view that prices and mortgage rates are more likely to get better than worse, many buyers are staying on the sidelines. When they can say, “We should have bought 6 months ago,” we expect the pent-up demand to begin to unleash”

In other words, many will see the bottom in the rear view mirror.

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