The Laguna Niguel ‘Horizon’ house – Part of a National Experiment to build houses without wood

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The Laguna Niguel ‘Horizon’ house – Part of a National Experiment to build houses without wood

The first home built in the master plan was the ‘Horizon’ house in 1963. The Horizon house concept was a nationwide effort by companies like Portland Cement to show how a house can be inexpensively built with concrete. Plus no fires and no maintenance for wood rot and earthquake proof.

There are 150 Horizon houses across the country and 11 in Southern California with each being completely different and each built by a local architect and local suppliers.

They truly were/are the house of the future. Amazing what you could do with concrete – remember the Halliburton house.

They hired local architect George Bissell,(, a future recipient of the American Institute of Architects California Council Lifetime Achievement award in 2000 (the highest award you can get) as the architect along with Hanns Baumann a world class engineer ( Hanns is in the following videos and he tells how they made such an unusual mushroom shaped house.

But George, who typically did large churches, museums, LA Coliseum type of work didn’t stop at the Horizon house but went on to design midcentury modern houses on the same street, National Park, as the Horizon house.  Drive around and check them out.

So the first neighborhood in Laguna Niguel was modern houses which are far a few to find to this day in the town.


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