Temple Hills, Laguna Beach Real Estate For Sale

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Temple Hills, Laguna Beach Real Estate For Sale

Temple Hills, Laguna Beach

Temple Hills Real Estate is the first ‘hill side’ development in Laguna Beach. It is located in the hills just south of Main Beach.  If you go inland on Thalia St. from the Coast Hwy, it dead ends into Temple Hills Rd. which winds up the hill side to the Top of the World community.

Every home off this windy switch back road and its tributary streets, offers a different ocean/canyon view due to the topography of the area. Some look north towards Main Beach and others look south down the coastline. Two things they all have in common is a view of Catalina Island, 26 miles away, and the awe inspiring sunsets.


In 1919 one of the original Laguna settlers, Joseph Thurston, was unloading his melons in downtown Laguna and an early realtor (damn realtors, there everywhere) was complaining how he was stood up by a client who he was going to show this fabulous piece of property to.

The realtor went on and on as Joe was unloading and finally when he finished he relented to take a look at the area called Temple Hills. He ended up buying the whole hillside for $24,000.

Joe laid out with a string, (literally) what is today’s switch back-like Temple Hills Rd and its tributary side roads.

Temple Hills Real Estate

Temple Hills offers a wide variety of homes and are some of the most sought after real estate in all of Laguna Beach and along the Orange County coast.  As many different types of ocean and canyon views Temple Hills has, it has an equal number of unique architectural homes.

Below are the homes located in the Temple Hills in Laguna Beach.  Home prices range from $1m to $4m.

Lower Temple Hills http://idx.diversesolutions.com/link/141831

Upper Temple Hills http://idx.diversesolutions.com/link/141832

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