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Sellers Services

Sellers Services

Laguna Beach home sellers often start with all the wrong ideas about the home selling process. Many would claim it’s not as complicated as buying, but there’s more to selling Laguna Beach real estate than just marketing and open houses. With more and more homes going on the market, the competition is stiff-and you’ll have to work extra hard to get your home noticed.

In most cases, you’ll need to work with an agent who will help you through each step. And you don’t want just any agent-you want someone who’s competent and willing to help you get your fair share. With, you can work with real professionals-experienced agents who have sold numerous Laguna Beach homes and have the market knowledge it takes to make a successful sale. Our services include:

Marketing and Advertising agents do a lot more than put your home on the paper and submit an MLS listing. We make sure everything’s done professionally, from putting up signage to printing full-color brochures and flyers. Laguna Beach real estate is a competitive market, and our job is to make sure you’re at par with other Laguna Beach homes. We give your home the exposure it deserves, so you can attract more buyers and increase your options.

Home Value Advice

Every seller wants to walk away with a big check, but a lot of things go into defining your home’s value. Your agent can give you an unbiased assessment of your property, explain what affects the market price, and give you practical tips on making your home more valuable. We don’t just point out peeling paint and cracks; we work with staging and design professionals to help your home make the right impression.

Open House Hosting

Open houses are a great way for buyers check out Laguna Beach homes for sale. But chances are you’re not the only seller in town, and you want to make sure your open house attracts the right buyers. With a agent, you can get professional assistance on everything from staging to scheduling tours. We go beyond showing and make sure your buyers feel at ease, so they can see what really sets your home apart.

Price Setting and Negotiating

This is a step many homeowners find tricky. How do you know how much your home is worth in today’s market? Our agents can help you set a price that works for you, but also gets buyers interested. We start by drawing up a comparative market analysis (CMA) of recent Laguna Beach home sales, and refine our data using up-to-date records and area-specific sales. With a agent, you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

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