North Laguna Beach (Part II)

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North Laguna Beach (Part II)

North Laguna Beach Communities Continued

Last week’s newsletter covered the Tree Streets in North Laguna, which are at the most southern end of North Laguna.

This newsletter will look at some of the other areas of North Laguna.

Folks like North Laguna and will pay a premium for living here since, not only does it have the Laguna charm and views, it is situated so that you don’t have to go through the village and its traffic in order to commute out of town.

This issue will look at North North Laguna, Emerald Terrace, Crown Point and The Coves. To view more pictures these area’s homes, shops, streets, landmarks, parks and views click on this link North Laguna Beach

North North Laguna:

This community is between the Pavilion shopping center and Emerald Bay. The Coast Hwy and High Drive are its other boundries.

Unlike the tree streets community in South North Laguna , which is relatively homogenous with single family residences North North Laguna is made up a everything from condos, apartments, and single family residences of every shape and size. It attracts many of the town’s renters as well as long time residents.

The streets are typically on steeper hill sides and have more ocean views.

Emerald Terrace:

Emerald Terrace borders Emerald Bay and goes from the Coast Hwy to way up on the hillside. The custom homes in this area are breath taking in size, architecture and views. The view of the bay in Emerald Bay is extraordinary and reminds you of the coves along the Italian Riveria.

The homes are priced at a premium but not at the premium level of Emerald Bay. Then again they don’t have access to the Bay’s beach.

Crown Point:

Crown Point is on the ocean side of the Coast Hwy between Emerald Bay/Smithcliffs and Crescent Bay. This is an unusual area with condos/ apartments, older single family homes and historical beauties.

Did you know there used to be an airport landing strip located here until someone crashed into Crescent Bay. If there is anything you should read in this newsletter is the story of one of Laguna’s most colorful lady character that used to live there, Pancho Barnes. From a 3 day Hollywood party host in Laguna, to the first female stunt pilot to the lady who owned the bar/brothel outside Edwards Air force Base featured in The Right Stuff movie, she has an incredible story and movie. You got to read this

The Coves:

The Coves in North Laguna are on the ocean side of the Coast Hwy and runs from Cresent Bay along the coast past Shaw’s Cove and Hiesler Park. You have everything here from $10m Oceanside homes, to Laguna classic cottages, condos and apartments.

Watch this video that goes along Cliff St along The Cove community all the way to Las Brisas and onto the Coast Hwy with its shops, restaurants and art galleries.


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