North Laguna’s Tree Streets

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North Laguna’s Tree Streets

One of the most coveted neighborhood’s in Laguna

Why are they called the Tree Streets?

The popular tree street section of Laguna is in the most southern section of North Laguna. It got its ‘tree street’ nick’ name from the street’s tree names such as Aster, Cypress, Cedar, Myrtle, Locust, Jasmine, Magnolia, Hawthorn and Cypress.

Boarded by:

Three of ‘the tree streets’ can be accessed from the inland side of the Coast Hwy – Myrtle, Jasmine and Aster – just before dipping down to Main Beach by the landmark Cottage Restaurant and the Laguna Art Museum.


North Laguna, called Laguna Cliffs, was developed by Howard Heiseler, L.C. McKnight, and the Thumb Brothers. In 1905, they subdivided and laid out the only streets in Laguna that run at straight angles to one another. Water was piped in from Laguna Canyon, and this was the first neighborhood offering water with every lot.


‘The Tree Streets’ community is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sections of Laguna and for good reasons.

With its wide curbed streets, mature landscape, large street to alley lots and its classic architecture it has a kind of throw back East Coast quiet and tranquil small town atmosphere to it.

However, the streets, with their gentle uphill slope give many of the houses an ocean view, which makes for a unique ‘East/West Coast’ combination.

The back of the property lots back up to an alley that many times have a garage with a living unit over it.

With rare exception there aren’t many places in Laguna that have this total package.

But it only gets better:

With its location right next to the downtown village everything is immediately accessible. It literally is a 5 to 10 minute walk to everything from Main Beach, and to the downtown shops, galleries and world class restaurants.

Furthermore, ‘the tree streets’ have a quick access out of town without having to go through town. One can jump on the Laguna Canyon Road to quickly head inland towards Irvine and the 73 toll road or the Coast Hwy can be accessed to the North for a 10 minute trip up to Fashion Island and Newport Beach.

Market Activity:

Charming cottages and bungalows still line these beautiful tree streets. These homes are Laguna’s treasures to a simpler time and highly sought after. In fact buyers usually pay a premium to be in such an ideal setting.

In fact, the neighborhood is so nice it doesn’t have much turnover. In the last 9 month only 3 single family residences were sold, ranging from $725k for a total fixer to $1.8m for a 2,300 sq.ft. 4 bedroom cottage.

Currently there are 3 single family homes for sale ranging from $1.6m to $2.2m

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