Art from the psychedelic era

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Art from the psychedelic era


Art from the psychedelic era

The overlooked contribution of
the Brothers of Eternal Love

Until now Come join us this Saturday for a curator’s tour of the art work from the late 60s in
Laguna’s counter culture days


If you haven’t heard about the Bother of Enteral Love days in Laguna get ready to be blown away.

To put it as briefly as possible, during the late 50s early sixties, there were a gang of hoods in Anaheim that loved to fight and take drugs of every type.

They heard that a new drug LSD, which at the time was legal, was being served at a party in LA, so they crashed the party and stole the LSD.

All of a sudden these hard-ass dudes became spiritually enlightened with the gang’s leader John Griggs seeing Jesus Christ on one his first LSD trips. They called themselves the Brothers of Eternal Love and set up their new residence in Laguna Canyon in Laguna Beach on Woodland St. which is next to the Sawdust Festival.

There they put their mission to ‘enlighten the world’ into action with vast quantities of LSD (when it became illegal they made their own, called Orange Sunshine) as well as hashish and marijuana. They were the first major worldwide distribution drug network having gone to Afghanistan and stuffed VW vans they bought in Germany with hashish and shipped them home. Later it was marijuana stuffed surfboards.


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