The Laguna Lady Story

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The Laguna Lady Story

If You Love Laguna’s Historical Past

You Can’t Miss This One

Horst Noppenberger, the prolific local architect, is going to make a presentation at the site where the 9,000+ year old Laguna Lady was found. Besides telling the story of her discovery he’ll be showing his plans for a mini museum at the site, as well as, the remodel plans for the homes on the property.

As a regular reader of my newsletters you probably know this great story of the Laguna Lady.  It’s a reader favorite since she was found in our own backyard and hardly anyone knows of this remarkable find.

If you’re not familiar with the Laguna Lady here’s a quick summary:

Back in the 1930s when they were building the Coast Hwy they had to grade down the land on St. Anns Drive from Glenneyre, since it had a higher elevation. This exposed the fresh cut swath on both sides of street.

Two local boys who loved hunting for Indian artifacts in the area took advantage of this and went exploring.

St. Ann’s Drive location

 Laguna Lady’s head (my type)

Typically they found artifacts like arrowheads and bones in loose dirt, but to not this time.

To their surprise they found a skull and shoulder fossilized into the stone and a little too aggressively cut it out with their tools.

For one reason or the other, it was kept in one of the boy’s closet in a shoe box for decades.

It wasn’t until a friend of theirs said Dr. Louis Leaky, the world famous discoverer of the oldest human being Lucy, was coming to Newport and since he was friends with the doctor he would introduce them so they could show their find.

The bottom line is Leaky said ‘we have something here’ and got it carbon dated and the results were incredible. 9,000 years old and probably more since it’s been oxidized while in the shoe box.

Arguably the oldest person in the Western Hemisphere and you probably go by it every day. Incredible.

For a more detailed story click here. It’s a fabulous read.


Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, March 5th

Location:  255 St. Ann’s Drive (across from the Woman’s’ Club)

Time: 6 o’clock

Dress warm and bring some wine to share.

All this is weather permitting of course

See ya there. Sean and Laguna Friends of Architecture

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