Laguna Beach Real Estate from the Rooftop Lounge on The Hotel La Casa del Camino

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Laguna Beach Real Estate from the Rooftop Lounge on The Hotel La Casa del Camino

The Roof Top bar and restaurant is the only place in Laguna that you can get a 360 degree view of Laguna Beach Real Estate along the coastline and hillsides.

While I recommend you to visit the Roof Top, and see the view, as well as, the great bartenders and beautiful cliental, I’ll show you in this video what to expect.

1) North Laguna

North Laguna -We start our tour by looking up the north coast of Laguna.  At the far end we have three luxury gated communities; Irvine Cove, Emerald Bay and Smithcliffs. Here Laguna Beach real estate for sale can range from $3m to $30m.

The rest of North Laguna is made up of a series of communities, such as Emerald Ridge and the Tree Streets, which have a wide array of different architectures, views and ocean coves.

North Laguna is very popular since it provides a quick access out of town since you don’t have to drive through the village of Laguna.

North Laguna Beach homes for sale

2) The Laguna Village

Next we have the Laguna Village which is comprised of the downtown area with tons of restaurants, galleries and boutiques that sit on the beautiful Main Beach.

The downtown real estate in Laguna Village area is made up of cute beach cottages made in the 1930s that typically go for $1m to $3m.

Laguna Beach Village homes for sale

3) Mystic Hills

Above the Laguna Beach village on the hillside is Mystic Hills.  This community is made very popular due to its big ocean and Catalina views, as well as its quick access to schools and the village.

While Mystic Hills, the Laguna Beach real estate for sale has every type of architecture imaginable. It’s unique to have a large amount of contemporary and modern homes that are quite spectacular.

Mystic Hills homes for sale

4) Top of the World

Way up at the top of the hill is the community of Top of the World.  It is a relatively flat area since it is not on the hillside.

This Laguna Beach real estate is popular with families due to its flat properties and many of schools and parks are located there.

Top of the World homes for sale

5) Temple Hills

As we move south we have one of the original hill side communities of Temple Hills.  Since it splits Laguna in down the middle it has all sorts of magnificent ocean and Catalina views.

Below Temple Hills there is the popular southern part of the Laguna Village which includes the Roof Top and the Casa del Camino hotel. This is quite popular since people who live here don’t have to drive to get around town and the awesome beaches at the end of each road.

Here the Laguna Beach Real Estate for sale can range from $1m to $6m.

Temple Hills homes for sale:

Lower Temple Hills homes for sale

Upper Temple Hills homes for sale

Southern Laguna Village around Oak St.

6)  As we move south past Blue Bird Canyon we come to Summit Ridge and Arch Beach Heights.  Arch Beach Heights is a unique community and is one of the more affordable areas in Laguna with a huge panoramic ocean views.

The Laguna Beach real estate for sale in Arch Beach Heights ranges from $700k to $3m

Temple Hills and Blue Bird Canyon homes for sale

Arch Beach Heights homes for sale

Below, is the Woods Cove community that cozies up to the ocean and its spectacular coves.  Again this is popular since you can walk everywhere.  Real Estate Laguna Beach in Woods Cove ranges from $1m to $4m

Woods Cove homes for sale Woods Cove, Laguna

7) Alta Vista

As we look further south there is the hillside community of Alta Vista. It is unique since the hillside goes steeply down into the water offering beautiful white water coves below. The road is a little crazy to drive but the ocean and coastal views are incredible.

Laguna Beach Real Estate for sale here ranges from $1.5m to $5m

Alta Vista homes for sale

8)  And lastly we look past the Surf and Sand Hotel to South Laguna Beach and its beautiful beaches.  Besides the world famous Montage Resort there are some great communities like the gated Three Arch Bay and Crown Royal.  These are true gems of Laguna Beach Real Estate.

South Laguna Beach homes for sale

But it’s all about the water and art in Laguna. With all sorts of water sports like surfing, stand up paddling, skimming and diving you can keep yourself busy during the day and it the galleries and restaurants like the Roof Top at night.

So come on down to the Roof Top, have a maito, and meet the locals and out of towners and check out these views.

And don’t hesitate to give me a call when you’re in town. You have to admit it’s one of the best places in the world.

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