Laguna Beach Has Momentum

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Laguna Beach Has Momentum

Laguna Beach has Momentum.
Yes we do!!
No seasonal slump.
28 homes sold in October
74 in escrow – the highest Nov 1st number in 7 years

Momentum is the biggest factor in sales activity of any type.
Ask Shiller of Case/Shiller fame – the folks that are the bible of real estate tracking.
In a recent interview, he said he used to be a stock technical analyst and with all the number crunching analysis he would do it is was all for naught if there is momentum.
Isn’t that why we got in the real estate bubble in the first place?
Even though the prices were up surd people bought because they felt they might miss out.
But let’s see if it can make it through the winter.
From what I’ve seen at open houses it sure looks like it will.
Next week I’ll give you more details of what the Laguna situation.

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