Green Homes – How to Make One

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Green Homes – How to Make One

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Green homes are gaining popularity these days. In fact, modern and recently built homes are made greener than ever. A lot of people have been realizing its benefits. And it would not be a wonder why they will push for a green home since it can improve the quality of life they have. But wait! A green house? You probably think this is not the color of your choice.

Don’t get it wrong. Green house isn’t all about the color of the house. You can have a pink house, green house or even a yellow house and it would still be considered green. Green homes are built with materials that are environmental friendly. It is also a kind of home that is efficient in everything, especially with the use of utilities. Not only that, living in it promotes a healthy lifestyle for its homeowners.

So how do you make a green home? Here are some of the ideas:

1. Good Insulation. Every part of the house (from walls to attics and even the floors) should have effective insulation. You will know if proper installation has been done when the house is sealed. Hence, there is absence of gaps and compressions. It is also achieved by using materials with high R-value or thermal resistance rating.

2. Zero Leakage on ducts. A duct system is responsible for distributing heat and cool air within the house. But the quality of hot and cold air can be greatly reduced if the duct system is leaky. To make your home green, the ducts should be properly insulated. It should be installed in conditioned spaces. Lastly, it should have the right size.

3. Go for Qualified Windows. US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has defined what an eco-friendly window is. Aside from being able to facilitate natural light to pass through the house, it should also maintain the level of comfort desired in one’s home. According to EPA, to make your homes green you should have windows that have multiple panes, low e-coating, gas fills, warm edge spacers and frames that can reduce condensation, protect your interiors and increase comfort.

4. Use of efficient appliances. One way to ascertain if the appliances used is energy efficient is through the energy star rating. But that is not all that you should do. There should be proper placement and spacing of appliances to help it work efficiently. Other conservation practices should also be used to be able to enjoy lower utilities expense.

5. Right Cooling and Heating Devices. The device used should also be energy-star rated. When buying them, they should be of the right size. Upon installation, the device should be properly placed and should not be exposed to extreme conditions.

Green homes are packed with benefits. By the time you apply these tips, you will notice your electricity bills will be reduced. The components of your house will also be long-lasting. And what is good about it is that you get to enjoy increased level of comforts without harming the environment.

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