Green Homes: Factors That Matter in Assessing Eco-Friendliness

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Green Homes: Factors That Matter in Assessing Eco-Friendliness

There has been a surge of demand for green homes of late. More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment. Many homebuyers nowadays consider eco-friendliness as a major determinant in choosing their new homes. Aside from minimizing the residents’ impact on the environment, a green home can also prove to be more cost efficient when it comes to maintenance.

Outwardly, an environmentally friendly home may not look very different from traditional houses. The differences show in the materials used for the new home’s construction. Homebuyers looking for a greener place to live will know they’re on the right track when they find accreditations from eco-friendly organizations such as the Environments for Living® program and Energy Star®.

Green homes that meet the Diamond Level requirements of the Environments for Living® program are guaranteed to have the least impact on the environment. Such homes utilize sustainable design technology and get their construction materials from environment friendly sources.

The Energy Star® seal is widely recognizable to today’s consumers. More known for being tied with household appliances, the blue and silver seal is given to all eco-friendly consumer products, even new homes.

Homebuyers looking for eco-friendly residences are also met with a bombardment of acronyms on their new house plan. Terms such as SEER, MERV, and IAQ, on their plans, all connote that the house has been constructed with energy efficiency and eco-friendliness in mind.

There are many who believe that green homes are the way of the future. A long history of exploitation has led to dwindling natural resources and harsher environmental conditions. By joining the movement for greener lifestyles, Man would come one step closer to redeeming himself from past environmental mistakes.

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