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Chris Abel’s Kite House

Chris Abel was one of the most prolific modern architects in Laguna during the 60’s through the 90s.  After designing over 200 homes and businesses in San Clemente he was commissioned to do his first four homes in Laguna on the top of Alta Vista Way above Victoria Beach, with the Kite house being one of them.

785 Alta VistaThe Kite House (it’s called the ‘kite’ house since it looks like a kite when you look at it from above. It is for sale or lease which gives us the opportunity to see the house.


Some of the other Chris Abel houses in the Alta Vista area

2540 Bonita

Real Estate Photography

475 Alta Vista


730 Alta Vista


489 Alta Vista


561 Alta Vista


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Sean’s 1 Minute Update (May 2016)

Sean’s 1 minute Update


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Laguna Friends of Architecture pays a special tribute to the groundbreaking architect Zaha Hadid who recently died at the age of 65

Professor Jackie Hahn, a LFA favorite, who has a special affinity for Dame Hadid, will be presenting the work and life of this special world citizen.


Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, DBE was an Iraqi-born British architect whose soaring structures left a mark on skylines and imaginations around the world. She was the first Arab woman who received the Pritzker Architecture Prize, winning it in 2004. She received the Stirling Prize in 2010 and 2011.

Join your fellow Hadid fans for a glass of wine and cheese morsels before the presentation at the LCAD back yard.

We’ll see you Friday, May 13th, 6 o’clock (don’t stop home first) at Studio 12 at LCAD.

Some of Hadid’s work

image009 image011 image012 image014

More info on speaker Jackie Hahn who delighted the LFA group with a presentation of legend Le Corbusier

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The Hangover House – An incredible Laguna Story

In the 1930’s Richard Haliburton was a ‘rock star’ – His partner built him a ‘Landmark of Modern Architecture’ for a place to escape his fans. It’s the inspiration for Ann Rand’s Heller house in Fountainhead



In the 1930s Richard Halliburton, a travel journalist, was a ‘rock star’ and as popular as Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart. He had swam the Panama Canal, (he paid 38 cents to go through the locks), crossed the Alps on an elephant, retraced the track of Cortez’ conquest of Mexico, went around the world in an open cockpit plane and much, much more.  The people of the time just loved his adventure books since it was the only way to visualize traveling being pre TV.


Click here to read the whole story

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The Presbyterian Church

image005The Laguna Presbyterian church totally remodeled to original architecture

image008The Presbyterian church. Totally remodeled to replicated the original church

image009The Presbyterian church’s original stain glass windows were kept and cleaned when remodeled

image012The rose garden at the Presbyterian Church