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Panoramic views - Aliso Canyon and ocean view

150 People Enjoyed the ‘Get Together’ at the Top of the World Hexagon House

For Sale – Best deal in town – get a’ toe hold’ in Laguna Beach for $1.525m (less than $500 a sqft). Unbelievable views from an unbelievable house.

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House Sold – represented buyer – beautiful Chris Abel designed house on Alta Vista – $2.3m

Great folks, Keith and Jane Irwin, from Northern California, are joining the Laguna tribe



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Sean McCracken Picture

Do you want me to set up a Property Search for you?

It’s not your typical property search.  I’ll vet the mls listings before I send them to you.

I’ll make comments about its positives and negatives taking out much of the guess work.

Just send me the area you’re looking, the house features and the price range.

I currently perform this concierge service for about 40 people.

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Laguna Market Review as of March 2015


  • March’s 42 closed transactions is the best month since April of last year
  • Click here to see homes that sold in March
  • It also was the best March we have had in more than ten years.
  • Just as important, the 67 Pending Sales is the highest number of Pending Sales since September, 2012.  Pending sales show the actual pulse of the market since they are the homes that just went into escrow.
  • Inventory was going up dramatically over the last 6 weeks (up 40 homes) but it has leveled off and actually went down 15 homes to 210 homes. There were only 10 homes last week on broker preview.


Closed Sales MARCH2015Active Sales MARCH 2015  pending Sales MARCH 2015 Laguna Market Analysis MARCH 2015Sold Homes By Month MARCH 2015

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Laguna Friends of Architecture – An Intriguing Architecturally Historical Story of a Quaint Prefab House in Laguna Beach

Laguna Friends of Architecture – An Intriguing Architecturally Historical Story of a Quaint Prefab House in Laguna Beach

Bring your wine and goodies and join your friends at 1150 Temple Terrace (the one with the different colored garages) for an incredible story of history and architecture.

Dave, the owner of the house says:

“Six Degrees of separation are not required. Two or three are all you will need, once inside this house, to be connected to Albert Einstein, Tojo and Yamamoto, Walter Gropious, Adolph Hitler, Ray and Charles Eames, Picasso, van der Rohe and about everything that happened in the world of architecture and history in the first half of the 20th Century.

The house may exist in Laguna Beach, but its story has never before been told to Lagunans, although it has been the subject of tours for architectural historians from other places and is known to MoMA and at least three museums n Europe including the Akademie der Kuste, Berlin.

If all significant architecture is experimental, then this building-though insignificant in presence-was architecture at its greatest.”

As you can see its not going to be your typical meetup.

Sunday, March 15th, 4 to 7pm

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Laguna Market Update as of Febuary 2015

Market update for the first two months of 2015 

Some interesting facts to think about: 

  • The number of sales is up more than 15% from a year ago.  Given the lower inventory this is very impressive
  • Inventory is still below what it was at same time last year but the number of Pending Sales (sales in escrow) is up more than 20% from a year ago.  Again, given the poor inventory this is very impressive.  
  • From the statistic it shows it’snot the best time to sell the higher priced homes. There are currently 66 homes listed ‘For Sale’ above $4,000,000 and in the first two months of this year only two have closed escrow.  Both those closed sales happen in January so presumably they actually went into escrow in 2014.  There are only two Pending Sales priced above $4,000,000.  Lastly, in February the most expensive home sold for $3,200,000.
  • Bragging on Surterre.  Consider this:  there were 22 homes sold in February.  Surterre represented six of the sellers for a 27% market share and seven of the buyers for a 32% market share. 
  • Loans: Rates are beginning to rise a little in anticipation of the Fed raising rates this summer or fall. However, rates are still quite low with fixed rates hovering around 4%. ARM rates are lower.
  • Jumbo loan programs are plentiful with qualifying guidelines loosening up and stated income programs are available – Call Rick Cirelli, (949) 413-5091 for more information



PendingSales2015   market analysis


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Another Laguna Character turns the Village upside down


Tucson Daily Citizen: March 1961: “Thinking big: Cowboy actor Pat Hawley, 39, leaves the county recorder’s office at Santa Ana, Calif., yesterday after filing a claim to the entire city of nearby Laguna Beach, Hawley, who last month staked a claim to most of the Laguna Beach ocean frontage because he says “Nobody knows who owns it, now says that part of the downtown land also is in question, so he’s claiming the whole town. The actor in a big-hearted gesture today offered to sell back to residents this beach city–for $90 million. He filed a notarized claim at the Santa Ana County Courthouse covering all the ground of and “any buildings, parks, public of- the wealthy city houses, business offices, schools and chicken coops therein.” The claim also covered all mining and mineral rights in .the city. Only last month Hawley laid claim to a valuable 3,000- foot stretch of beach in the city after he heard city officials were trying to find its owner so the city could buy It for a public park. Hawley, drawing on his knowledge of squatters’ rights learned from acting in TV westerns, staked out the beach section. The city ever since has been trying to disprove his claim. His latest land grab was inspired he said, when he learned a water main broke under a bank in the city last week and officials were unable to find the owner of property, which the lines crossed. With the care of a planned infantry assault, Hawley, a father of five, got his family and one friend to stake out and guard the four borders of the city early yesterday. Then he showed up at the county recorder’s office where Deputy Mrs. Lillian Edgar gasped “What”!? “the whole city?” She called assistant recorder Wylie Carlye. “My,” said Carlyle. “you are claiming quite a bit”. Carlyle then called County Recorder Mrs. Ruby McFarland who carefully read the claim. “It’s a properly executed document and I can’t refuse to record it,” she said. “That will be a $2.80 filing fee.”

LA Times: March, 1961: Laguna Beach Ca.: Hawley Tricks Local Citizenry
“Homesteader Pat Hawley again has outwitted harassed city fathers of this seaside artist colony simply by being an early riser. Hawley, a television bit player , claimed the entire beachfront of the 238-square-mile town of Laguna resort under the Homestead Act, after learning that no one actually knew who had title to a right of way traversing it . Under the act a claimant may move seven- cubic yards- of earth within 60 days to make the claim valid. City officials countered by barricading barricaded all entrances to the public beach. Hawley made a public announcement that he would move the earth at 10 a m the following day. Then he rented a two-ton truck and drove onto the Beach before dawn via a non-barricaded alley. He had two other men loaded the truck with twice enough sand to meet the requirements of the Homestead Act .When- police arrived at 10 am on Tuesday they found Hawley , smiling , standing- next to the huge mound of sand he had moved”.

Charleston W.VA. –

Sarasota Journal –

Patrick Hawley was born on August 7, 1920 in Ireland, UK. He was an actor, known for Arrest and Trial (1963). He died on July 11, 1997 in Huntington Beach, California, USA.

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