California – Are we passé? Hell no!!

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California – Are we passé? Hell no!!

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I know everyone is in the dumps and we think very myopically about our future.

However, being a realtor and active in the eco/art community I come in touch with lots SoCal people, as well as people moving here from all over the place.

And I come away inspired and uplifted.

California is awesome.
It’s definitely the best place in the world.

We have our own culture that’s very hip and progressive and we take it for granted.

In fact, some of my clients say we’re so cool that we don’t even know we’re cool.

That’s why  my brand is ‘Bringing you the California Dream of Eco, Sun and Fun’.

Sure it’s expensive but there is a reason for it. The best costs the most.

While I could go on and on about its virtues, read the following front cover article of Time magazine.,8599,1931582,00.html

You’ll be inspired and uplifted. This is the way were viewed by the rest of the world.

We’re lucky, lucky people.  Boy would they like to live here.

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