Cool Stories and Pics of Early Movies Made in Laguna

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Cool Stories and Pics of Early Movies Made in Laguna


Laguna played a big part in the early development of Movie Making

Since there was no verbal dialogue and no artificial lights for inside shots, the Laguna Beach coast line visuals were important for the original success of silent films. If you couldn’t ‘wow’ them with dialogue you ‘wowed’ them with Laguna’s dramatic cove shoots.

A few of the silent films that were shot in Laguna from 1915 to 1924:

Watch the first couple minutes of this movie (it’s actually pretty good) and you’ll see it takes place at Table Rock beach and they built a light house there and many other places along the Laguna Coast for scenes in the movies. Watch it here.


Filmed in Laguna, 1916

Captain Blood, with Errol Flynn, made in Three Arch Bay.


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