A message I got from Pat Hawley’s daughter

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A message I got from Pat Hawley’s daughter

I am Pat Hawley’s daughter.   I have many articles and I remember everything that was going on at that time and specifically related to the Claim Dad made and how he got the idea to do so.   I found it of interest that you had a picture of him from movie The Choppers…had a good laugh.  However, his first break was given to him by Frank Sinatra on his weekly TV show.   Dad was able to get his Screen Actors Guild card because of Mr. Sinatras invitation to be the actor bartender while He sang “One For The Road”.  My Dad was an amazing man, WWII vet and saved lives during floods in the east coast in the 30s and i watched him pull doors off a burning car and save 2 kids and family in Garden Grove. Dad came to the US from England.  He had a 6th grade education and endured severe poverty, hunger and the depression   My Dad and John Crean were best friends.  John Crean told me before he died in 2007 that he wished he had helped Dad with the claim of Laguna Beach.  By the way, I have the recorded deeds in my possession.   My mom, Mrs. Helen  Hawley, passed away in June 2015 at the age of 92.   She gave me all of the records regarding LB claim etc.

I would love to share you the real story since I was there and had the first row seat.

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