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Art from the psychedelic era

The overlooked contribution of the Brothers of Eternal Love


Until now Come join us this Saturday for a curator’s tour of the art work from the late 60s in Laguna’s counter culture days.

If you haven’t heard about the Bother of Enteral Love days in Laguna get ready to be blown away.
To put it as briefly as possible, during the late 50s early sixties, there were a gang of hoods in Anaheim that loved to fight and take drugs of every type.  
They heard that a new drug LSD, which at the time was legal, was being served at a party in LA, so they crashed the party and stole the LSD.
All of a sudden these hard-ass dudes became spiritually enlightened with the gang’s leader John Griggs seeing Jesus Christ on one his first LSD trips. They called themselves the Brothers of Eternal Love and set up their new residence in Laguna Canyon in Laguna Beach on Woodland St. which is next to the Sawdust Festival.
There they put their mission to ‘enlighten the world’ into action with vast quantities of LSD (when it became illegal they made their own, called Orange Sunshine) as well as hashish and marijuana. They were the first major worldwide distribution drug network having gone to Afghanistan and stuffed VW vans they bought in Germany with hashish and shipped them home. Later it was marijuana stuffed surfboards.

But a lot of focus was on their Mystic Art World store, across the street from Taco Bell on Coast Hwy, which was ground zero for the psychedelic culture in southern California from’67 to ’70.
While they sold everything ‘hippy’ a major part of store was an art gallery.


Here’s your opportunity to see this incredible work which has shaped so much of America’s future art work.

WHERE and WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 26, 12 o’clock – Coastline Community College by Hoag Hospital.

It takes about 40 minutes up the Coast Hwy. to get there.

If you’re interested in carpooling meet at the parking lot above Pavilions in North Laguna at 11 o’clock.

If you’re up for it we can try to put together a lunch after the exhibit showing at an Irish Pub

Coastline Art Gallery
1515 Monrovia Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Here’s a quick trailer of the Orange Sunshine documentary that is soon to be released.

To read a more in depth story of the Brotherhood read on:

The Brothers of Eternal Love – In late 60’s they were the world’s center of LSD, Hashish, Leary, and Art

During the late 60’s and early 70’s there were so many police raids on Woodland Drive, in the Laguna Canyon, that it got the nickname ‘Dodge City’.

What were the police after?
The biggest LSD, hashish and marijuana distributors in the US. The Brothers of Eternal Love.
One of these ‘raids’ resulted in the arrest of infamous Timothy Leary, who was living with the Brotherhood at the time.

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Woodland drive in the canyon in the sixties was known as Dodge City because of the Drug trade and hippies living there in the brotherhood of eternal love. Most LSD in the world came from that cult. Anyone remember Oden Fong. He lived there and used to fly a helicopter dropping orange sunshine LSD from the air. Oden was soon converted to Christianity after an encounter with Jesus on LSD. Oden's friend Lonnie Frisbee was a homeless nudist, vegetarian nudist. Lonnie was used to convert and baptize thousands of hippies at corona del mar. The Calvary Chapel, and Vineyard churches as well as Harvest were sparked and a full blown revival swept the west coast. The Jesus People movement came from Laguna beach.

Oden's testimony he recounts his days with Timothy Leary in Laguna beach and meeting Jesus Christ face to face.

Click here to watch video

Lonnie's story is well told here.

I grew up in The Grove/Dodge City during the 60's. Our family still has the house there. Most of what I hear about the area is wrong but why wouldn't it? Most of the locals and drifter types who visited were smoking 24/7. It was a time, a circus and a freak show scented with eucalyptus oil and stray dogs. We had characters that Steinbeck would be proud of- Crazy Horse,who stole from all of us. We knew it was him because he always left something in return; There was Merkala the Mad Lady & Andy who's histrionics kept us all captivated; Hedy Blitz and Ragumba who were always dressed in Third World finery and would take your breath away. Many walked the dirt paths between our lives and small homes under the eucalyptus canopy back then. It was a rare moment in time that has matted seamlessly in our memories.

John Gage & Mike Hynson started Rainbow Surfboards out in the canyon in 69'. *if this makes you smile, then you have stories to tell.

Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Canyon Acres, Laguna Canyon (David Nuuhiwa and John Gail), 1971
David Nuuhiwa, John Gale, Laguna Beach, California, 1971

"View From The Stage": Source Unk.

"The Happening", 1970 * Chuck Wassell

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