733 Pelican Laguna Beach Real Estate Flash Dance

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733 Pelican Laguna Beach Real Estate Flash Dance

The reception of 733 Pelican Drive, Laguna Beach has been awesome.
There’s not a person that goes through the house that doesn’t admire what has been done.
To help people make their decision easier, the price has been reduced by $100k to $2,395,000.
Now it goes from a great deal to an even better deal.
Remember, not only is this house ‘new’ with major ocean views, it can be customized to be ‘your house’ by the builder/owner.
A little change here. A different color there. Walla. There you go. Your house.
To refresh your memory of 733 Pelican, watch this NEW 3 minute ‘action’ video of the property above.
We had fun with pulling footage from the grand opening and the incredible Sonatsia held at the house, and putting a little action video with a twist to it.
Many of you maybe the stars. Check it out.
It my first compilation video so, I’d love your feedback on it.
I hope you enjoy a unique way to see real estate.


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